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Whatever your project, we have the Technical history and Experience to assist you with some of the best material products in the marketplace.


The photos below show only part of the level of expertise we have. We transformed an Architects idea from paper to reality.


Accurate measurements were taken on site, these then were transferred onto the state of the art 4 meter wide carpet loom unit where each strand was made to perfection.


With exceeding skill and forethought, the installation began, materials were then removed, real leather binding was then hand crafted onto the perimeters of the staircases and the landings.


Then the items were re-installed with a final fitting.....


We can assist with choosing the ideal materials to use in your particular environment—Eco Friendly materials such as the IOBAC system which won an Eco Build Award not only for its design and functionality, but also due to the fact zero landfill and totally recyclable whether you use the carpet tile or the LVT versions. Utilizes the power of magnetism !


We have taken Architects designs—that some said would be impossible, and transformed them into stunning realities as can be seen below. Carpet with Leather Bound, Hand Finished borders.


We would be pleased to assist you—whatever your flooring requirements.